Diamond DA40 Review, Variants, Development, and Specs

In the single-piston general aviation market, The Diamond DA40 is a popular name, gaining the trust of a lot of pilots and air forces around the globe as the safest general aviation aircraft. This IFR aircraft has outperformed many aircraft from the same class like the Piper PA 28 Cherokee aircraft.

In this article, you will find the story of this aircraft, show you the features and specifications of this model, how it gained its reputation with the spectacular design across all of the model’s variants.

Diamond DA40 Development Story

After the successful introduction of the previous two-seat single-piston aircraft model the Diamond DA20, Diamond Aircraft Industries decided to develop a new four-seat aircraft based on the DA20.

Diamond Aircraft Industries started the design of the DA 40 in 1997 by introducing the first prototype that year, two prototypes were introduced after reaching a total of 3, each one of them carried a different type of power plant.

Four other designs were produced for testing until the year 2000 when the Diamond DA40 model received its first certification for production and exploitation.

All of the DA40 produced aircraft (The fixed-pitch propeller version and the constant speed propeller version) were powered by AVGAS-powered engines, until the year 2002, when the Diesel-powered variant -The DA40D- was made.

The DA40FP (The fixed-pitch propeller version) and the DA40XL (The constant speed propeller version) were introduced in 2006 and equipped with the Power flow exhaust system, which made these variants capable to fly faster than their predecessors by approximately four knots.

In 2007, the company canceled the production of the last Diamond DA40 model equipped with a fixed-pitch propeller -the DA40FP-, and introduced two more variants of the DA40 also known as The Diamond star family;

  • Diamond DA40CS: Which is the budget version comes with Garmin G1000 as standard equipment for all current Diamond DA40 variants avionics suit, Tow-bladed constant speed propeller.
  • Diamond DA40XLS: The deluxe version that comes with more upgrades like, WAAS-capable G1000, GDL69 datalink, And TAS traffic alert system.

Diamond eDA40 Electric Variant

With the high-growing demand for electric vehicles in the world and the encouragement for their production by top production countries for their power-economy features and environment-friendly contributions.

Diamond Aircraft Industries started its research on developing electric and hybrid-electric aircraft back in 2011. With co-operation with Siemens, Diamond Aircraft Industries introduced the DA36 E-Star as the world’s first electric hybrid serial drive aircraft after many years of research and numerous flight test hours on electric and hybrid solutions.

The company continued to improve their designs for higher performance and increased payload until they showed their new test electric-hybrid aircraft – The DA36 E-Star 2. The company continued its research (With collaboration with Siemens), and that led to the introduction of the first hybrid-electric multiengine aircraft – The HEMEP model.

After more research and testing hours, Diamond Aircraft decided to introduce their first All-electric aircraft to the general aviation market.

The eDA40 – The full electric-powered solution from the company, came after the innovative battery technology company, Electric Power Systems, using their battery to power the eDA40 and including a high-speed DC charging system that is capable to recharge the aircraft’s empty battery to Full charge state in 20 minutes only.

Equipped with an advanced Avionics system, using Electric Power Systems (EPS) electric powertrains, Initial flights of the eDA40 are scheduled for Q2 2022. Certification is expected in 2023.

Current Diamond DA40 variants on sale

Diamond is currently offering two variants of the DA40; (To check DA40 on market for sale click here)

1- The Diamond DA40XLS

Powered with Lycoming IO360M1A piston engine using AVGAS fuel, this engine can produce up to 180hp. The DA40XLS model comes with three propeller options:

  1. The 2 blade, constant speed, metal Hartzell propeller.
  2. The 2 blade, constant speed, composite Hartzell propeller.
  3. The MT 3 blade, constant speed propeller.

2- The Diamond DA40 NG

Powered with the turbocharged Austro Engine AE 300 common-rail injected 2.0-liter diesel engine using Jet A-1 fuel, this engine can produce up to 168hp and EECU single lever control system.

The DA40NG model comes with the MT propeller, the MTV-6-R-/190-69 3-blade constant speed propeller.

Diamond D40 XLS/NG Features and Specs

All of the two Diamond DA40 variants come with the same features, the high-quality premium interior leather comes with different colors and designs, the adjustable pilot seatbacks and lumbar support, and electric air conditioning system.

The DA40 fully integrated G1000 NXi flight deck

The G1000 NXi avionics suit gave the aircraft a lot of important features, flying with the G1000 NXi gives the pilot superior situational awareness by providing Traffic Advisories, Synthetic Vision Technology, Satellite WX and Entertainment, and more.

Technical Specifications

SpecificationsDA40 NGDA40 XLT
Max. speed (14,000 ft, MCP)285 km/h TAS1154 kts TAS1263 km/h TAS142 kts TAS
Cruise speed at 60 % (14,000 ft)231 km/h TAS1125 kts TAS1
Cruise speed at 75 % (6,000 ft)
Stall speed, landing configuration107 km/h CAS58 kts CAS96 km/h IAS52 kts IAS
Rate of climb (ISA SL)3.5 m/s1690 ft/min14.6 m/s910 ft/min
Range at 60 % (incl. auxiliary tank)1,741 km1940 nm1
Range at 45 % (incl. auxiliary tank)1,537 km830 nm
Fuel consumption19.5 l/h (@60%)5.1 US gal/h (@60%)31 lt/h (@65%)8.2 US gal/h (@65%)
Take-off ground roll (ISA SL)370 m11,214 ft1305 m1,000 ft
Landing ground roll (ISA SL)270 m886 ft305 m1,000 ft
Max. operating altitude5,000 m16,400 ft5,000 m16,400 ft
Max. demonstrated crosswind46 km/h25 kts37 km/h20 kts
XLS/NG Diamond specifications

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