safest general aviation aircraft in the world, Diamond DA40 NG

Safest General Aviation Aircraft in The World

The Diamond DA40 NG is considered to be the safest general aviation aircraft in the world, According to safety records, The Diamond DA40 NG has the minimum low accident record in the world compared to other general aviation aircraft.

Particularly with regard to stall and spin accidents. Its overall and fatal accident rates are one-eighth that of the general aviation fleet and include no stall-related accidents.

The DA40 NG is the new generation of the Diamond DA40 family by Diamond Aircraft Industries and was designed with high-performing capabilities than Diamond Aircraft’s other diesel-engine single-engine aircraft.

The New generation equipment accompanied with a very efficient aerodynamic airframe enabled the aircraft to fly longer range due to its ultra-low fuel burn quality. The formidable composite airframe with the durable designed primary flight controls and secondary allowed the aircraft to be known for its outstanding handling feature and fuel economy, the aircraft boasts complete control through every ascent, descent, turn, or stall.

As one of the safest general aviation aircraft in the world, the Diamond DA40 NG has one of the best safety records among its competitors in the segment; over a decade of operation, the variant has only one fatal accident per 1,000 aircraft years. The ultimate handling features, stability, control, the ease of operation, including the structural and system redundancies, make the aircraft one of the safest air vessels in the segment.

Powered by the Austro Engine AE 300 Turbocharged common-rail injected diesel engine, 168 hp, and EECU single lever control system, the DA40 NG can attain the max speed of 154 knots and the cruise speed of 125 knots at 60% with the mileage of 940 miles. The aircraft is configured in 4 seats with a length of 8.06 meters and a height of 1.97 meters; it can take off with a maximum capacity of 2,888 lbs at the maximum elevation of 5,000 meters.

Diamond DA40 NG is available in jet fuel powered-engine, comes with the formidable composite airframe with the outstanding handling feature and ultra-low fuel burn quality makes the Diamond aircraft a perfect fit for travel, leaseback, and training classes.

The single-engine airplane comes with a choice of stylish and hard-wearing interior decoration that provides unrivaled luxurious comfort and style, premium leather interiors with color and design options, adjustable pilot seatbacks, and lumbar support, electrically adjustable rudder pedals including the electric air conditioning features, and many more make it powerful performing luxurious aircraft in the segment. Also, the fully integrated G10000 NXi avionic system offers the latest features with the option of ultra-precise GFC700 Automatic Flight Control System, a superior situation awareness system, convenience & safety, including the tools that provide traffic advisories, synthetic visions technology, Satellite WX, and Entertainment, and many more.

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